Jack Johnson is an artist who has worked as an illustrator for many movies such as "Star Trek", "The Lost Boys", "Beetlejuice", "Ghostbusters II", "Edward Scissorhands"... and, of course, "The Goonies" !

This mini website, wich is part of my future website, Goonies1632.com, is dedicated to Jack's work on this movie.

All the artworks displayed can also be purchased. If you are interested in buying one of them you can fill the contact form to send Jack Johnson a message.



A message from Jack :

      "It was fun to help design sets for Goonies like the Organ of Bones, the Compass Room, the Basement, Wild Willies Chamber, etc. These were not your normal movies sets ! My favorite was the Captain's Cabin because in addition to being a great set it also helped sell the idea that by building multiple sets into the Inferno it would save enough money to build a real ship on stage."


       All "original prints" are made from an original charcoal drawing run through a blueprint on ozalid machine.
They are blueprints (blue) or sepias (brown) depending on what paper is used to make the print. All of these are "original prints" NOT copies made from prints. Five small prints are marked "photostat" which are also original but made photographically. Lastly, three are original photos of the Inferno on set and the Inferno print is an original and one of only two I'm aware of that exist.

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