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30th – 80s Night Out

June 25th, 2015 | by Fred
30th – 80s Night Out

From the Goondocks website :

Goonies Block Party & Dance!
Astoria Event Center is celebrating the Goonies 30th Anniversary with an all-80’s band, Truffle Shuffle contest and best 80’s fashion awards.  
Starting at 4 pm, Ninth Street will be shut down for a free Goonies Block Party with booths and a DeLorean display until 7 pm.
Astoria Ford is sponsoring “1984” — an 80’s rock band who will be pounding out the tunes from 9 pm to 2 am inside Astoria Event Center.  The Truffle Shuffle and 80’s Fashion Awards take place during the Goonies Dance Party.   The winner of the Truffle Shuffle contest earns the honor of kicking off the Group Truffle Shuffle at Warren Field on Saturday!


goonies-80s-party-0OK, sorry guys, this time I won’t be the right person to do this article !
Why ? I have ton confess that I don’t like to dance and I prefer classical music like Jazz, Film Score…
I went to this activity because my french friends wanted to be there to drink some beers, ahaha 🙂
But I enjoyed to see all the people dressed up !! Some costumes was pretty amazing !!
So… this is the view of this evening, through the eyes of my friend Tami ! She will also write about her last evening in Astoria !


“Where do I even begin when I want to share my experience from The Goonies 30th Anniversary in Astoria, Oregon? Tears begin to fill my eyes as I write this because my trip was beyond amazing and was a truly deeply emotional experience. “The Goonies” is something that I have loved my entire life that completely embodies my soul. It’s so neat that SO many other people across the world feel the same way that I do!

The “80’s Night Out”  was totally awesome! Everyone dressed up. There was “Doc” from Back to the Future, Teen Wolf, 1908098_10100465549468570_6293055782479117280_nSmall Wonder, The Goonies characters, Tom Selleck, Freddie Mercury…you name it! (I enjoyed the Nintendo guy ! you could play Super Mario Bros on his body – Fred) There was a dance at The Astoria Event Center where a cool 80’s cover band dressed in perfect Rock outfits that kept the party rockin’ all night long! The drinks were strong and people were friendly and ready to have the time of their lives. Jeff B. Cohen, who played “Chunk” even showed up for a bit. He said my name when he saw me, which was so fun! He even made some people’s dreams come true by getting to meet a beloved character from their favorite movie.

For the last night of the event, nothing was officially planned, so I decided to post on the Facebook Goonies 30th page to go bowling at Chunk’s Bowling Alley, Lower Columbia Bowl, at 8:15 p.m. Not knowing if anyone would even show up, of course, we still went. But people did come! Goonies from all over the world and United States were present…Australia, Ireland, Italy, France, Canada, South Africa, North Dakota, Minnesota, Texas, Arizona, Maine, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, California, etc. It was AMAZING! The Bowling Alley soon closed and we thought, what could we do next? Karaoke! My friend, Kerri walked first and literally everyone followed in a line out of the door! I loved seeing that. She lead everyone to sing and started off the night with “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey (my all-time favorite band). All the Goonies sang and danced. After watching videos, I called it “The Goonies Choir” because of how everyone was randomly positioned and the steps were arranged. Even one local Veteran man let his voice resonate while we sang that song and “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds. He even threw his arms in the air! I wonder what he thought the night The Goonies took the Labor Temple Bar by storm. I bet his night was as awesome as ours was!

Well, as you can hopefully see and feel, my trip to Astoria, Oregon was one I will never forget and will probably think about every day for the rest of my life!”

– Tami Johnson – Fargo, North Dakota.








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