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30th – Behind the Scenes with Goonies Crew

June 23rd, 2015 | by Fred
30th – Behind the Scenes with Goonies Crew


It’s time to share with you some pictures of the Goonies 30th anniversary. Everyday, I will do a small article and upload my pictures. Feel free to share them !
One of the most interesting event of this anniversary was the “Behind the Scenes of the Goonies”, with some amazing guests :


  • Randell Widner (Sloth stuntman)goonies-30th-behind-the-scene--27
  • Mark Marshall (Personal assistant to Steven Spielberg)
  • Paul Gillum (Astoria Police Department detective and also worked with the locations staff)
  • Mick Alderman (Author of a must-have book ! Three weeks with the Goonies)

I did this activity on Friday, at 1:00pm, until 3:00pm.

The entrance was full of fans, waiting in line to get inside..

Because of the ’80s comic con, two Delorean cars was on display, but people were not allowed inside to take pictures.. but still great to see the cars, I love them !

Affiche-Delorean-1400x986Anecdote :  5 years ago, a friend of mine (Thomas Muselet)  did a photoshoot of my Goonies friend Vincent and I in front of a Delorean, an amazing souvenir ! 


The “Show” was amazing, all the crew had so many stories to share with the fans..
There was some big surprises..
Randell Widner came with some props from the movie ! Yes, real authentic screen used props ! He kept from the set two swords and his stunt mask, still in a very good condition (habitually, the foam latex aged very badly), he took care of it all these years ! Thank you Randell. The mask has been made by Tom Burman, from the Burman Studios (Don’t miss my interview with his son, Rob, who helped to make Sloth and the octopus !), but doesn’t have the animatronics (eyes + ears).
He talked about his work as a stuntman, and shared his story about when Michael Jackson visited the set.

Mick Alderman came with many behind the scene pictures, stories and cast and crew souvenirs, and Paul Gillum came with a crew jacket and many cool stories too !

Mark Marshall did something amazing ! (Yes I use a lot of this word, but it was truly amazing !!) he came with a video he recorded 30 years ago in a bus with the cast from the Goonies ! With jokes from Joey and Robert and the amazing Jeff Cohen ! We could see this famous great ambiance ! And for sure it was !

The show ended with an autograph and photos session with fans.

This is most of the pictures I did at this event. I know it’s a bit grainy but the light was very low. I hope you will enjoy my point of view of this event !












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