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30th – Farewell to Warren Field

June 28th, 2015 | by Fred
30th –  Farewell to Warren Field


Official Presentation –

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Activities begin at 6pm
Gates open at 5:30pm

“Say goodbye to Astoria’s Warren Field, pictured in The Goonies, with a multi-media event dedicated to the sights and the sounds of the iconic 1985  film.
Performances include: The Whiskey Rebellion, bluegrass music with a dedication to the Goonies through their “Ballad of Chester
 Copperpot,” Portland’s XRAY.FM DJs spinning a themed set, a performance by the Booby Traps dedicated to Cyndi Lauper and the Goon Squad all ending in a showing of The Goonies at sundown. The show is open to the public, family-friendly and food/drink (including beer) will be available for purchase.Throw down a blanket or hunker down in the Warren Field Grandstand for the largest HD viewing of the Goonies ever.  A 40ft screen will show the film on one of the very sites that it was filmed, for the last event before the stands are removed.  A 40ft Sloth will be depicted in ultimate-quality with a massive sound system so that you can feel the Fratellis drive by and can “Heeey you Guys” without hearing the Baby Ruth and popcorn crumbs falling out of your mouth.  Don’t worry, you can wash it down with a local craft beer or some soda.”  
This activity was pretty cool ! And not expensive. You had a concert, a talk from cast and crew and the movie on big screen ! What else ? 🙂
I was on the stage, taking pictures and I really enjoyed to do this ! Jeff was amazing !
Unfortunately, I only seen a few minutes of the movie.. I was starting to feel sick, it was pretty cold outside, so I went back to home with some friends from Italia.
As an hommage to Warren Field, I asked some fans to share their best memories of this evening !
 Tammi Johnson

I was able to go to Warren Field featured in the opening scenes where Andi leads “The Victory Pyramid”. I met up with old friends, friends I only knew because of Facebook and many new ones. One pal, Rhad, was involved with a spontaneous “Thriller” dance in front of the entire crowd. I loved it so much because that was “his moment” and true time to shine. We also watched “The Goonies” on a jumbo-tron screen. It was so special because there was hundreds of people laughing, cheering and quoting along. “Holy Mary, Mother of God!” It brought even more excitement to the movie for me being surrounded by so many people that love the movie as much I do. I also wondered if there was possibly anyone there that was watching the movie for the first time. If so, I’m sure they’ll fall in love with it just like we all had!

Mike Abilla
My best souvenir was all the hugs and handshakes from all my .org friends!

Mattia Macrì

I like every 80’s party And I always dreamed To participate To an anemrican one… Great emotion seeing People dressed like 80’s look or like movie icons…Not Just goonies “cosplay” obviously. 
So fantastic to take many pictures with many of them e
verywhere …with People you didn t know…so Incredible.
I remember a lot some Girls asked to me to speak only in Italian…I enjoyed that eheheh They didn t know my language but they understood everything I said due to many affinities with spanish… The official second language spoken in oregon. …damn I always thought It was The french …specially when I knew Fred ahaha…Great emotion during the showing movie, many claps And someone Shouts “we miss You mamma fratelliii” what a tear… but damn….during the restaurant scene she speaks in Italian too…I never noticed that… pirates dancing with children dressed like mamma fratelli. …beer, Good Music, new friends, smiles ,emotions, happyness… Yeah this is The Life everyone needs, My Big aunt told me: feeling always Young inside us, It’s the secret To have a Good And long Life !

Laurie Krebs
A memorable part of the night from this evening was when the movie started and the opening credits began… you could f eel the 

11403249_10152877617666857_740371240612769931_nexcitement in the air and then Jeff did his scene and of course the crowd went crazy…. being able to say the lines out loud and instead of getting told to shush up everyone there was saying them too and louder lol The best part though was knowing that chunk was there watching our favorite movie along with us too was amazing….I’ll never be able to watch the movie the same after this experience.

Heather Hampton
11219597_10206172715189690_3536305119854315444_nMy 13 yr old son feeling the energy and dancing with the crowd…the look on his face when he met Jeff ….he told me…”mom, this is the best weekend of my life!” To not be looked at as annoying or a nerd… to have all that positive energy of acceptance, to have this “thing” in common with so many. All I can say is…AMAZING!!


Theresa Schlitt10531417_10153277466140100_886676617435902516_o

Quoting to the movie with a field full of Goonies fans, dancing near the stage, truffle shuffle with many others, finally finding a Goonie FB friend I was hoping to run into all weekend & finally meeting in person.

Kelli Burgess
The cheering for each actor/actress/director during the opening credits.

Tony Barnes
Warren field will go down as one of the greatest nights of my life. I couldn’t help but think a movie from 1985 brought us together from the furthest parts of the world. To look around and see so many Goonies I’ve talked to through the internet for ten years but hadnt met until that night. To top it off I was sitting on the same field the movie was filmed watching it with my fellow Goonies. It’s surreal to say the least and I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about that night.

Jeanenne Nicole Tamiko Lew
The best souvenir for me or memorable moment was meeting all of the fellow Goonies fans and the whole weekend in general! Getting to meet Jeff Cohen, the Farewell to Warren Field, visiting the Goonies House, and the 5K Truffle Shuffle!!! Wish I could turn back time and go back to the 30th weekend!! Everyone was so nice and pleasant!! Can’t wait to visit Astoria again !!

Crystal ShezzonFiyya Padilla

11238269_929704310404801_8620288222641513588_nI have a ton from that night. But one in particular: 
We Goonies have a bond that no one else understands unless you’re, well, a goonie. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve waited in line to meet someone famous and everyone is so selfish wi
th a ‘me me me’ attitude. But at Warren field, standing on the fence as Jeff made his way down, goonies were helpful to one another and kind and just as excited as the next person. One guy specifically, he was wearing the Pirates Jersey with ‘copperpot’ and ’85 on the back. He and his gf had this vintage poster from 1985 that he had collected signatures on over the years and was SO excited to be able to get Jeff’s, but he didn’t have a pen! my trip-mate Tiffany had one and let him borrow it. And then he got nervous. I had met Jeff earlier that day so I probably let 6 people 11702980_930127487029150_5622109103167225751_ngo ahead of me to say hi. And after my turn i made sure ‘Copperpot’ guy got his proper moment with Jeff. And he was SO happy! And his beautiful girl was really nice too. And then they all wanted to take a pic together. It was so fun. Anyway, it was a brief 1148761_929704893738076_1596190151600306411_nmoment. But memorable. 
Also meeting so many of you and recognising you from this group is indescribable. Making new friends and sharing memories. 
I loved being able to witness the victory pyramid and the Michael Jackson dance party. The beers made special for the event. The costumes. All of it.
Memorible to say the least.  Never Say Die!
Rhad Davis
this moment was pretty amazing.
A final victory pyramid on Warren Field, one last Goonie adventure here before they turn the goon docks into a giant parking lot.



Kevin Morris
Warren Field was a once in a lifetime experience. We were actually in the bleachers and honestly it gave us a great view of how special it was for so many. You could feel the crowd’s energy in the air, collectively laughing at lines, howling at character intros. And watching it at a place that was a part of the film. It all felt like you were just watching old home movies with a super-extended family.


Thanks to all the people who contributed to this post !!!

In case you never seen The Ballad of Chester Copperpot :



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