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30th – Reception for medias and sponsors

June 24th, 2015 | by Fred
30th –  Reception for medias and sponsors

DSC_5023A few hours after my “behind the scenes” activity, I went to a reception for medias/sponsors and also 40 fans who were going to the next activity, the Sail with Sloth (Unfortunately I got no ticket for this).
This activity was from 5 to 6 pm at the Liberty Theatre.

goonies-vip-diner--2At 4.30, a big line of people was already waiting for the opening.
I was talking with my friend Vincent and suddenly came a weird music from nowhere, then a guy costumed as Sloth appeared !
It was the unipiper, a guy from Portland ! It was pretty awesome to see him !


Once inside, we could eat, drink and talk with the crew who were at the behind the scenes !
Jeff Cohen was expected to come later.

I was speaking with Randell Widner  and Mark Marshall about my project (I plan to make a documentary about the Goonies since a long time) and then it was the time for a speech from the official people of the event.
They introduced all the crew (I felt bad, because I sat at the official table, ahaha !) and the sponsors.
The Donner’s company, the Warner Bros, Dark Horse and a few more…

By the way, Dark Horse announced that they are currently working on a Goonies book ! Like the one they did on He-Man.
I really can’t wait to see and review this book ! Probably the best Goonies related product ever made since the ’80s.

Jeff appeared with applause, he came with his mom, Elaine  (she’s in the movie, at the end) and his niece.

It was beautiful to see Anne and Randell Widner hugging Jeff and Elaine, for the first time in 30 years !

Jeff took the mic and had a wonderful speech ! If someone recorded this, please contact me.

I met some very cool people at this event, I wish I was less jet-lagged 🙂
Feel free to share this post, save the pics… enjoy !




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