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an Interview with Laura Dash : Stunt Double for Data

January 15th, 2016 | by Fred
an Interview with Laura Dash : Stunt Double for Data


featured-goonies-laura-dashFred –  Could you please introduce yourself and what was your job on the Goonies ?

Laura Dash – Stunt double for the character Data played by Ke Huy Quan

F –  How many days have  you worked on the movie ? 

LD – I think it was about 6 weeks

F –  How was your relation with the kids on the set ? Especially Ke 

LD – We were shooting 2 units at the same time so if the actors where not shooting on one of the two shooting units they were in school.  We sometimes worked together on set and that is when we would get a chance to talk to them.  Ke was a nice well behaved young kid and all the kids enjoyed playing pranks on each other and one time I was like have Ke hide from the teachers and I can walk into class like I’m him because from the back I made a really good double for him.  He thought it was cool having a stunt double and we had a good laugh with the teachers that day.

goonies-laura-dash-interview-data-ke-quanF –  Do you have some anecdotes about the movie? 

LD – This was one of my first movies to work a pretty long steady time on.    Since they had already started filming a few months earlier I worked toward the end of the movie.  Since I made such a great double for Ke my friend fellow stunt double Desiree Szabo doubled for Sean Astin took me to one of the closed sets where the ship was.  She was like you have to come see this set it’s pretty amazing.  All the sets where closed sets and had a security guard and the actors kids where not allowed on this particular set until they started to actually film because the director wanted to see real expressions when they first see the ship. You can see their first face expressions when you watch the film.  So the security guard knew Desiree, but not me and he had seen Ke a few times and thought I was him.  He was like Desiree you should know better and I was like my name is Laura Dash and I’m his stunt double.  Of all the movies I’ve worked on this was the most fun and enjoyable film.

goonies-laura-dash-interview-michael-jackonF – What are your best memories?

LD – Getting paid to go down water slides and meeting many famous people that came to visit the set to see the big priate ship and meeting Michael Jackson and his sister Latoya Jackson & Emanuel Lewis.  I had gotten very sick on set from being in wet clothes alot. Pretty much most of the crew throughout the filming where getting sick because some of the crew had to get into the water as well.  The day I had to film Data falling through the ship and finding One Eyed Willy I got really sick and had the chills pretty bad.  When I got home I had 104 degree temperature.  I had to call the stunt coordinator George Robotham and say I couldn’t come in the next day because I was so sick.  I thought I would have gotten fired or replaced, but instead I was able to find a friend to take my place until I got better.  I went back to work 2 weeks later.

F – Did you had a good time on the set ? 

LD – We had a blast the only bad part was it was filmed in the winter time and it doesn’t get that cold in Los Angeles, but we had a few very cold & rainy days at that time.   During the filming we would go into a heated warm water and then get all wet and have to run to our trailers which where outside to get out of our wet clothes or be wet standing or sitting on set in wet clothes in front of these small little heaters.  Many people on the set where always getting sick.

goonies-laura-dash-interview-steven-spielbergF – How was your relation with Dick and Steve ? 

LD – Most of the stunt work was filmed by second unit which Steven Spielberg directed.  So I only met Richard Donner on the day we had the interview to be picked as stunt doubles and in a few scenes he directed me in, he was very nice but screamed a lot.  Not at us, but that was his personality on set.  Donner directed the scene where we all jump off the ship into the water.  The actors had a scene with dialog where we all meet the Fratelli’s on the ship the actors kept on getting their dialog wrong or Donner wanted them to do the scene over.  As that is going on they say lets get out of here and jump off the ship.  I was the first to go and every time we where ready to jump Donner calls cut.  After about 8 different takes your adrenaline is pumping and I’m like ready to jump and he keeps calling cut finally I’m like I just got to go because I was right on the edge of the plank.  In that scene everyone is dry so I was lucky I had that long jacket and climbed the stairs back up to the ship and they put a new clean dry jacket back on me.  So you couldn’t tell underneath my clothes where wet.

Steven directed a few scenes as well and he was very nice to everyone.  I didn’t have much dealings with him other then a few scenes and he was a perfectionist.  Steven directed the scene of falling down the cave with the pinches of peril.  I was on a large cable in a flying harness and I must have been dropped like 20 times a few feet before I hit the ground.  One of those times they pick me up to drop me down and Steven left the set & the crew forgot I was up there.  I must have been hanging there for over an hour waiting to shoot the scene again. When they finally let me down I couldn’t feel my legs anymore.

F –  Have you kept something from the set ? goonies-laura-dash-interview-mikey-sean-astin

LD – When we did the insert shots of the jewels and the gold I kept a gold coin and they let me keep my tennis shoes.

F – What do you think of the movie ? 

LD – I think the movie turned out really great it was fun to work on and had a lot of heart and I even shed a few tears at the screening.  Who knew 30 yrs later so many people still love this movie and has changed many lives.





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