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Goonies Painting commission by Vijay Gautam

May 13th, 2017 | by Fred
Goonies Painting commission by Vijay Gautam

Vijay is a good friend of mine from India and also a big Goonies (and Spielberg) fan. 
He’s a very talented artist and, a few years ago, I asked if he could do a Goonies painting for me…  

Before showing the master in action, who is Vijay ?! 

“My name is Vijay Gautam, I am from New Delhi, India and I am a self-taught artist making art since the beginning of my childhood but began my journey as a professional Artist from 1990 onwards in a Hill-Resort in South India called Kodaikanal, situated at 7,000ft (2,100 meters) above sea-level.

So I started my own Studio/Gallery and the tourists came from all over the world and commissioned me.
I loved to paint for people of all ages and felt happiest when they were happy from my work which I did for them and now I feel extremely proud and contented that my paintings are in all the 5-continents in Private Collections in the following countries namely- USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Italy, France, Denmark, Scotland, Switzerland, Israel, Dubai, Canada, Brazil & others.”

Vijay, what is your relationship with the Goonies and the ’80s in general ? 

“Though by profession I am an Artist but more than the art my greatest love and passion has always been films and filmmaking  and consider myself as one of the greatest admirers of the legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg whose films in all respects whether as a director, producer, executive producer or writer specially in the 1980’s set the standards like no one has seen ever before and since with the most amazing movies from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” to “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” and among these there was this little gem of a movie about a bunch of kids called “The Goonies” whose story was written by the biggest goonie himself – Steven Spielberg and it was no wonder that the movie caught the imagination of all the kids of all ages who turned the movie into a huge cult today.”

Besides Spielberg’s invaluable contribution to the 1980’s, there were many other amazing movies which were among my all time favorites such as the Star Wars movies- “The Empire Strikes Back” ( the best Star Wars movie ever) and “Return of the Jedi”, “Top Gun”, “Ghostbusters”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Airplane”, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “Flashdance”, “Amadeus”, “The Princess Bride”, “The Terminator”, “Predator”, “Die Hard”, “Mad Max 2”, “Beetlejuice”, “Aliens”, “The Little Mermaid”, “RoboCop”, “First Blood”, “The Evil Dead”, “Cinema Paradiso” etc, so in my honest and humble opinion the movies in 80’s really defined the golden years of Hollywood and I wish those years could come back…

The Goonies painting project… 

“When I was asked to paint `The Goonies’ painting I was overjoyed as it was among my most favorite films but at that time my father’s health was not well and was undergoing treatment so I wasn’t sure that I would be able to paint or not but I was told there was no hurry so when my father regained his health then I started the work on the painting and finally was able to finish just in time for `The Goonies’ 30th Anniversary Celebrations and I am extremely ecstatic that everyone loved the painting.

On a special note I would also like to mention and thank my wonderful actress/model friend- Elodie Cinquanta from Switzerland.
Its because of her only that I met another wonderful friend- Fred and also when at first I showed 2-concepts to Fred so both he and myself weren’t sure which one to paint because both of them appealed equally to us so finally I asked Elodie who immediately replied that she  liked the one where octopus was underwater which made the concept much more  mysterious so I went along with her advice and I thanked her for her valuable suggestion but she said her contribution was negligible though I thought it was important as both of us couldn’t decide for weeks…”

Visit Vijay’s website here :


The Concepts : 


In action : 



Making Of : 


Final work : 

Goonies painting final

Thank you Vijay for your amazing work ! If you are interested in buying a PRINT from Vijay, feel free to  Contact him




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