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the Mouth’s Kitchen over the years

May 7th, 2017 | by Fred
the Mouth’s Kitchen over the years

During my very first trip to Astoria, I was very lucky to have been to all the film locations
But the Mouth’s house was, at that time, pretty difficult to find because there were no informations at all… It was a mission for me 🙂
After a few walks, I easily found the location on Skyline Avenue ! I stayed only at a few blocks away, that helped a lot ! 
I hesited to contact the people who lives there but one day I met the owner while I was walking. He was very nice with me and he offered a visit inside the house, which was built in 1964.

This is a “vintage” video from 2004. (Sorry for the poor quality)

The kitchen is 99% the same, almost everything is authentic, even the dishwasher !
I also privatly visited the house in 2010 with a friend. Unfortunately I didn’t had the time to visit in 2015… I wanted to give to the owners a dvd with all the videos and pictures I did of the house but I lost their contact infos. (If anyone can help me out ?) 

This is a montage of the Mouth’s kitchen over the years. 


The Goonies - Mouth's House

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