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My Polaroids from Astoria – 1/2

July 30th, 2015 | by Fred
My Polaroids from Astoria – 1/2

During my trip to Astoria in june, I took a lot of pictures with my Nikon D800 and my vintage Nikon F3… but I also brought my old Polaroid instant camera with me ! Before leaving France, I bought a pack of Polaroid films from “Impossible” with a funny pattern on it (Looks like a shirt from someone.. 🙂 )

Since a film pack is pretty expensive (20€ for 8 instant films), I only took what was the most important to me. This is my first selection :





To shoot with a Polaroid is an amazing experience which make you focus a lot on what you see, because you don’t want to miss your picture, you only have 8 films !
In an iphone era, it’s great to be back with something like this !

During your trip to Astoria have you tried to shoot with a 35mm camera or a polaroid ?




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