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My personal Vlogs in Astoria (2015)

April 21st, 2017 | by Fred
My personal Vlogs in Astoria (2015)

In 2015, I spent almost a year in Vancouver, Canada. 
During this amazing trip, I had the opportunity to go twice to Astoria !  

The first time during the 30 years anniversary event where I tried to cover everything.

The second time on september 2015. I had no place to stay during the first week and I decided to go back to Astoria for the last time before a while. Sandi, the owner of the Goonies house, kindly accomodated me during this trip.
It was such a blast to be back again ! 

Astoria is, to me, like my second home. I feel so good when I see the Goonies house.. 

During my journey to Vancouver, I did some video blogs (and still have to edit many videos) and I uploaded this serie of 3 videos. It’s mostly about Cannon Beach because I never really took the time to enjoy this beautiful place since my first time in Astoria in 2004. 

I really hope you will enjoy these videos, unfortunately it’s in french but you don’t need to understand what I say to enjoy. 





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