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Prom 1985 with Josh Brolin !

June 20th, 2015 | by Fred
Prom 1985 with Josh Brolin !

This is one of the coolest “behind the scene” stories I’ve ever heard about The Goonies 🙂
Patty O’Shea-Gardner was probably the luckiest girl on earth in 1985 !

Prom 1985 with Josh Brolin.

“Josh and I met on the set of the Goonies. My father Michael O’Shea was the A camera operator on the movie. They filed at warner brothers studios, and worked on Saturdays. My brother and I were able to go on the weekend shoots and hang out on the set with all of the actors and we became good friends. It was a great experience and one I will always have great memories from. In turn, I asked Josh to my senior prom and as you can see he said yes. I wish that time I had also that perfect prom dress of some beautiful collection we have now! The funny thing is Sean Astin who was 12 or 13 wanted to take me when he found out that Josh was going. It was a fun night.”

Josh brolin prom 1985


“This is from 2011 at my fathers Life Time Acheivment award ceremony. Josh and his then wife Diane Lane were there. She presented. It was great running into him there. We laughed about prom and the fun we had.”


Josh brolin prom 1985 copie








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