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The Goonies Cakes by Kelly McWilliam

September 4th, 2018 | by Fred
The Goonies Cakes by Kelly McWilliam

Today, meet Kelly McWilliam who is a self taught cake maker from north east of Scotland in a village called Oldmeldrum.

She recently posted some pictures of her Sloth & Chunk cakes on a Goonies facebook group. I wanted to know more about her work…

Fred – How did you start your passion for cake making ?
Kelly – I accidentally stumbled into the cake world when my husband asked me to make a cake for my mother in law and then friends asked and I started to do cakes for family birthdays and the rest is history as they say.
I entered a cake competition called cake international which is a huge cake show/competition a few years ago and caught the bug bad !
I am truly in my happy place when I am making things!

F – What about the Goonies ? 
K – The Goonies was and still is my absolute favourite movie of all time, I used to watch it with my brother and sister and now I watch it with my children ! It’s a truly magical movie !
Be different, be a kid for as long as possible, have crazy adventures and the value of true friendship !

I’d been desperate to make Chunk and Sloth for some time as their part in the movie was so funny and heartwarming !
Two unlikely people finding true friendship. I just LOVE the two of them !!!

F – What is the technic behind those cakes ? 
K – I usually start with a good image of who I’m going to make. Front, side, profiles. Then, I just start with a rough skull shape. I have a mold of a small skull, I press modelling paste into to give me a rough shape. Then I just build up the face and usually start with the mouth, the trickiest part.

I use a mix of modelling chocolate and modelling paste (my friend Etty makes the best modelling paste called Cake Dutchess). 
I hand paint all my cakes as I’m not a fan of airbrushing and feel more in control when I’m hand painting.

The cakes were tricky as Scotland are having an unusually hot summer so I had to redo Chunk’s face altogether because he melted and had to salvage Sloth as he’d also melted a bit.

F – How long does it takes to make a sculpture ?
K – Chunk took the longest to do. In the end I did three faces before I was happy with him and I still see things I could improve but I’m always my own worst critic. 
Sloth, on the other hand, was done in about 20 minutes ! Well, the structure of his face was. That’s not including painting and the body. 
I can do the freaky, old, scary faces with my eyes closed but normal faces are always tricky ! 

F – Where did you learn how to sculpt ?

K – I’m self taught so all trial and error, never done sculpting classes or anything and my maths and scale skills are no existent ! 
So I really go by eye a lot which doesn’t always work out but I get there. 
My husband is an engineer so it frustrates him when I don’t measure/scale correctly ! But scale is so important, he’ll love I’ve said that as he nags me all the time about it ! 
I’m kinda rough round the edges but I like being that way. 



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