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The Goonies Deleted Scenes

September 15th, 2019 | by Fred
The Goonies Deleted Scenes

I know I know… Most of you already know these scenes because they are included in the DVD and the BLURAY. Ok but what I shared on my youtube is better ! Why ? Because what you see on your dvd/bluray was cut ! You don’t see the full sequence.

I have the Disney Chanel version and for the understanding of the scene, I added what happens BEFORE the deleted scene.

To avoid any copyright issue, I added the scenes in a TV (you can see Sloth enjoying the video 🙂 ) and cropped a little bit.

My favorite scene !! I love the map comparison (I never understood in the movie why Mikey knows so well this old map !) and I love that place (that is located near the Goonies House). Anyway, I understand why they deleted it. To me it slow down the sequence.

To me, it slow down the sequence. Instead of this scene they should have use the idea of a cemetery near the restaurant.
See picture bellow :

Click on the pic to enlarge

I also like that scene. The sculpting of the Octopus (by the Burmans) is incredible but what ruins that scene are the animation/mechanical effects.

Of course, there is more to see !!! There’s the leeches scene, the Gorillas, the police car crash (you can see a part in the small making of the Goonies).

Unfortunately, they are somewhere at the Warner archives and they probably won’t release them. The Goonies bluray release(s) has the same content that you have in the dvd from 2001.

I plan to make a blog post on each of these scenes in a near future. With pictures, storyboard, drawings…



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