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Living in the Goonies house in the ’70s – a talk with Nyssa

April 26th, 2017 | by Fred
Living in the Goonies house in the ’70s – a talk with Nyssa

The Goonies house in the '70sIf you are like myself, you must truly love the Goonies House and one of your favorite dreams is to live in it and spend your time in the attic, looking for some hidden treasure.
But what if you had lived there before the Goonies ? At the time it was just a typical old house in Astoria ? 
I spoke with Nyssa Perrin Clark who spent many years in this house during her childhood. This is her story

“I lived in the Goonies house in maybe like 1975 and stayed for a few years.

I was just a young child. I attended « John Jacob Astor school », a few blocks away (Where they shot “Kindergarten Cop), for 1st grade and then went to « Star of The Sea » for a couple of years.  I had my first crush at John Jacob Astor school while we lived at that house. His name was Eric and I had a huge stuffed teddy bear that I named after him. 

As you can see from the photo I submitted, the house is in terrible disrepair.
The house was built in 1896, it had probably never been renovated or remodeled.

It was very big, drafty and cold. It was OLD.
I remember the porch seemed like it might fall apart and how dark and creepy the old cellar was. 
But at one time, it was probably a quite fancy house though. 
The kitchen had this wonderful old fashioned walk in pantry like homes back then had. That was my favorite part of the home, I liked to hide in there sometimes. There was a sense that the home we were in was once important.  That important people once lived there. I never imagined it would be important again. 

I have many good memories in this house… 

telephone canThe girl next door and I would try to play “telephone” by attaching string to two cans and speaking through them between our houses. 

As a little girl about age 7, I remember that I had a poster of a whale on my wall, and a poster of a Shaun Cassidy. I was a big fan of Tanya Tucker, and hoped to be a rock star or interior designer one day. I loved entertaining adults with my impressions of Mae West and other cheeky adults. 

First day of school, out in front of the house.

First day of school at Star of the Sea, out in front of the house.

My mom was in her mid 20’s and was a hippy so we always had visitors – travelers or friends crashing at our house. I think they must have had some good parties because I remember being kept up late by the noise. 

It was the 1970s. Fishing and logging were integral to everything in Astoria. At that time, there were still a lot of old vacant buildings, but my favorite was the building where the fur trappers and traders used to meet in the olden days. My imagination loved thinking of settlers and Native Americans navigating this new reality, making deals, bartering. Astoria had a magic to it, but with a sense of adventure and danger too, much like the movie itself. 

I remember that this was a time in my life when I began collecting old things, treasures from garage sales, small trinkets, this is where I began owning my own things, even at 7 or 8, I considered them my own special treasures or belongings, things I found on my own. 

Regarding the Goonies

I think this movie is completely charming. When I see the parts with the Goonies house, I feel proud that so many people have gotten happiness from the home.
Fans profess how lucky I was to live in the home, but looking at it, it isn’t the type of home we wish our children to be raised in. People have even asked me if they could touch me, because I lived there. It was an old, ugly, cold house.

So, was I lucky? I still wonder, regardless of if I ever find the answer, it has been a story to tell in my life.

Retouched photo.. you can see the original colors

Retouched photo.. you can see the original colors



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