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The original mold of the Goonies Prop Coins is back !

May 2nd, 2017 | by Fred
The original mold of the Goonies Prop Coins is back !


Goonies prop coins moldA private collector recently published this post on a facebook “props collectors” group. This is an amazing find ! This is the rich stuff guys ! 
This is the original mold to make the Goonies prop coins !
To have this mold in my Goonies archives would be a dream but it’s unfortunately not for the sale.

This is the original post :

A couple years back I saved this mold from the dumpster after a storage room of spin cast molds was cleared out. The vast majority of the molds were old police badges, but this one caught my eye because it looked like treasure.

Goonies prop coins moldAfter 2 years of it sitting on my desk I was on the verge of tossing it out again when I decided to peruse through the posts here to see if any coins that were posted matched.
I’ll be damned if I didn’t begin to match one, and eventually several, to one of my all time favorite movies, The Goonies !

Unsatisfied by a guess, I did some research asked around at work and found that the coins were indeed made for the film where I work back in the 80s, the molds in the room did date back to the 80s, and come to find out some of the gold is still used as rental inventory to this day (which is how it ended up in Hook a few years later).
Super stoked to have wondered what all the black rubber pucks were in the dumpster that day. Just need to get cracking on a display now 🙂

Goonies prop coins moldAnd for those of you curious as to how
this type of mold works. The two half are put together and clamped inside of a sort of centrifuge. The whole mold is then spun very quickly as molten jeweler’s metal is poured into the hole at the top. Centrifugal force then pushes the molten metal outward and into the mold. Because the metal cools so quickly the process of
casting these is lighting fast compared to that of a rubber gun.


Ok, I don’t have the mold but I’m the lucky owner of 3 original gold coins 🙂 

My original Goonies prop coins




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